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Loans are there to meet people’s needs. Each of us has certain wishes that we want to fulfill. A loan helps us to fulfill these wishes if there is not enough capital. The credit comparison helps us to compare offers quickly and easily and to secure the best credit terms.

The purpose is different for everyone, one wants to travel the world, the other build a house or finally buy a new car. If you have a regular income and you don’t want to wait for years to save the necessary money, you can fulfill your wish earlier with a loan.

At Good Finance we help you find the cheapest loan with the best conditions to make your dreams come true. The offer on the market is very broad and it is easy to lose track. With our tips and tricks, you will learn how to get the best credit.

Good Finance – more than a loan comparison

Good Finance - more than a loan comparison

  • Good Finance currently offers loan offers from 26 different lenders. We are always updating this list to sort out the best loan providers for you. Quality over quantity is very important to us.
  • With the Good Finance loan comparison, you can compare offers from leading lenders in Germany free of charge, without entering personal data. Quick and easy.
  • On Good Finance you will find countless articles on various types of credit and tips on how to secure cheap financing. Good Finance is, therefore, a good source of information for borrowers.
  • Transparency is important to us. We always endeavor to present all the information as objectively as possible. The customer reviews help you to get your own picture of the loan provider.
  • Good Finance brings international experience in credit comparison to Germany. We are currently helping over 600,000 monthly visitors from 25 countries worldwide to make better financial decisions. We continuously develop and test new functions that make it easier for you to compare loans.

Compare loans online and save money

Compare loans online and save money

The online loan comparison brings you a lot of advantages and saves you a lot of time. Here are a few points on how you can benefit from the loan comparison.

  • Free of charge: You can use the Good Finance credit comparison free of charge and without obligation without registration. All of our content, which we update regularly, is freely available to you.
  • Schu-neutral and non-binding: If you have decided on a loan provider, you can send a Credit Checker-neutral condition request directly on the provider’s website. This credit request does not affect your Credit Checker score and is not binding at the same time. For the condition request, your personal data are required to check your creditworthiness and to create an individual offer accordingly. Usually, no further documents are requested in this phase.
  • Location-independent and uncomplicated: In the modern world, you no longer have to go to the bank to do your financial business. Everything happens quickly, conveniently and time-saving online. Good Finance provides you with impartial information related to the lending business, which is often not disclosed by bank employees. You have the opportunity to get information online regardless of location and to easily make a loan request.
  • Personal: Regardless of location, it does not mean that you lose personal contact. If you have specific questions about the loan provider’s product, simply call him, use the chat function on the website or send an e-mail. Most credit providers respond quickly. You can also use it to check the advice provided by the provider. Don’t forget that customer service is a differentiator when comparing loans.

Save costs with the credit comparison

Save costs with the credit comparison

Credit comparison helps you save money by quickly comparing different lenders’ interest rates in one place. You can instantly see the lowest and average interest rates, and you don’t have to walk from bank to bank to compare loan offers.

You use the Good Finance loan comparison and enter your loan amount and the loan term. Now you get various results that you can sort by interest, total costs or rating of the loan provider.

You get those results at the lowest interest rates that only borrowers with very good credit ratings receive. As a well-informed borrower, take a look at the representative example below the record that tells you the interest of the borrower. Together with the interest rate, you will also find the monthly installment or the loan costs for your loan amount here.

Read the experiences of our readers and choose the loan provider that offers you a cheap loan without additional costs. Please note that all loan offers are submitted without obligation and free of charge until the loan is taken out. There are no costs for you if you use the Good Finance credit comparison.

Does debt restructuring make sense?

Debt rescheduling is particularly suitable if you have a better credit rating than when the old loan was taken out or the market situation has changed since then. Refinancing is advisable only if the cost of the new loan is lower than that of the existing loan. The costs of early repayment of the existing loan and the costs of registering the land register for construction financing should also be taken into account.

Creditworthiness: most important factor when comparing credit

Creditworthiness: most important factor when comparing credit

The creditworthiness reflects your financial situation and represents your payment behavior, which is checked thoroughly when applying for a loan. Finally, the lender wants to make sure that you can pay your monthly installments. The creditworthiness decides on the credit conditions and the amount of the credit costs.

The credit check includes several points and is evaluated differently by each credit provider. This is also the reason why you should always make a credit-neutral credit request to several lenders before you decide on a loan.

The most important points are your income and your Credit Checker information. If you have no negative Credit Checker entries and after deducting all monthly bills you still have enough reserve to pay off a loan, there is nothing to prevent debt financing. You can find more details on the credit check in our extensive article.

There are also ways to get credit with a moderate credit rating. In this case, however, the borrowing costs are significantly higher and there are some limitations that should be considered. There is no reputable loan provider who can give you a loan without a credit check.

Once a year you have the opportunity to request a free data overview from the credit bureaus. This information informs you of your current rating, which lenders use to prepare the loan offer. If entries are entered incorrectly, you can have them deleted and thus improve your credit rating at the credit bureaus. There are other ways to optimize your Credit Checker score. You can find more details on this in this article.

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