I Dream of Dahlias

She was getting on in years, and her cancer had come back, and so she offered me a present. She offered me her dahlias. I cross my fingers and hope that I am not the one who kills them.

Flounder Recipe

Flatfish Feast

In Maine, flounder is plentiful this time of year. For a simple take, just pan-fry our flat, finned friend and add a squeeze of lemon. The delicate fillets taste even better dressed up with capers and parsley, and a side of potatoes and asparagus rounds out a perfect spring meal.

Milky Way over the Cribworks Rapids

Ben’s Picks: April 2018

This week’s pick is a photo of the Milky Way over the Cribworks Rapids by Garrett Evans. The word that first comes to mind when describing this image is dreamy. See this and more of Ben’s Picks!